A Strange Connection

Perfect Strangers are a progressive rock band from Bengaluru. Their debut album A Strange Connection is a heady mix of 80s sounds and current production styles. This blend of retro and modern lent itself perfectly to a piece of art that is at once nostalgic and alien, simple and complex.

The decision to create a paper sculpture as a piece of album art came about because people have always loved physical products from their favourite musicians. Owning these casettes and CDs were tangible and memorable, but with the world of music embracing digital publishing, very few people have access to physical media players. So rather than sell a shiny plastic coaster, we decided to offer a digital download of the music across popular services, and together with paper magician Dhvani Shah create a gorgeous physical representation of the album with moving parts that reveals the tracklist as you turn the dial. Careful discussions and experiments resulted in a product that is deeply related to the album, modern, and takes an easy spot on any desk.