Manek D'Silva is an illustrator & designer based in Bangalore, India. He's been doing this for over 13 years, and looks forward to one day being sick of it. His design work is thoughtful and driven by usability, and his illustration is rich with wild characters, vibrant storytelling, and a cheeky sense of humour. While his sensibilities are built on a childhood of films, games, comics & paintings, Manek's style is like a weirdly shaped blanket that expands to cover the needs of every project.

Manek is also the author & illustrator of adventure graphic-novel Bonabyl & the co-host of misadventure podcast No New Notifications.

Whether it's creating art for publications, albums & book covers, developing hand-crafted brand identities, or designing digital interfaces, all projects are obsessively planned, with a focus on detail, storytelling, and as cheesy as it sounds, joy. Need some delightful design for your next project? Feel free to reach out on email at 

And for the addicts among us, here’s @manekdsilva on Instagram.