Jag Changa – The Raghu Dixit Project

Created for one of India's biggest indie music acts, The Raghu Dixit Project, as the album art to their 2013 album, Jag Changa. This rich digital painting aimed to reflect the festivity and range of folk influences recognisable in Raghu Dixit's music. It was met with immense appreciation by reviewers and fans of the album across the world!

Get the album 'Jag Changa' by Raghu Dixit here on iTunes.

The Power of Choice

In the process of creating the vibrant colourful album art, the idea came about of having a tin box holding the disc instead of standard paper packaging. We ended up liking it so much there were 3 variations of the exact same album: Crush, an intense pink; Coat, a casual blue; and Noir, a mysterious grey.

The experiment worked great! On the day of release, fans of the music were delighted, collecting all 3 versions or gifting it to a friend in their favourite colour.