Nightmare Science!

A series on good ol’ Instagram.

Twisting childhood memories from innocent Saturday entertainment to tragic and terrifying vignettes of the world’s brightest and most promising minds each having a murderous psychological breakdown, accompanied by a haunting and unexpected backstory.

Well, except for Rick. Let’s be honest this was somewhat expected of him.

Nightmare Dexter

“One, all-knowing mind...” 🧠

After absorbing Mandark’s brain into his own, Dexter became the most intelligent being to ever live.

But as part of the process, he also absorbed Mandark’s fears and insecurities. He absorbed vivid childhood memories, incomplete aspirations, conflicted emotions. Over the next few weeks, hiding from authorities, wanted for kidnapping and murder, Dexter became increasingly miserable. His small frail body burdened with the thoughts of two geniuses who hated each other.

But this had to be done. There was not much time left. Even if there was a minuscule chance, that with one, all-knowing mind, Dexter could figure out how to bring movement back to his sister’s limbs. He had to try…

Nightmare Utonium

“Nothing but a monkey after all…” 🐒

The professor’s reflection stared back at him from the million shattered shards of vials and tubes. Eyes filled with rage, arm burning with maniacal power. This lab is exactly where it all began. His quest to create “perfect” humans. There were many attempts before Blossom, Bubbles & Buttercup; the backyard was filled with failed experiments that barely counted as humans, let alone super humans. Until one day the professor’s pet monkey spilled an extra ingredient into the concoction, Chemical X. And 3 “perfect” little girls were born. Along with one intelligent, jealous monkey.

Mojo Jojo eventually came to believe that the existence of “perfect” beings only highlighted the flaws of imperfect beings. It’s true in his younger years he resented the Powerpuff Girls, they stole his only family after all, but killing them was not an act of selfishness. It was to end something that never should have begun. To restore balance to an imperfect world. Humans were not destined for perfection, they wouldn’t know what to do with it, because underneath the science and the power, a human is nothing but a monkey after all…
Nightmare Rick

“You killed the only version of my family that I ever loved, prepare to die as many times as it takes.” 🔁