Suicide is the leading cause of death for young people in India. Outlive is an initiative that works with both institutions and government, develops educational resources, builds tools, and holds events to build awareness around suicide, and remove the associated taboos that prevent people from getting help.

Design felt truly helpful and meaningful throughout this project, all the way from developing core branding and logo, building out the visual language of colours and shapes, creating collateral for events and educational material, and culminating in the interface design of both a website and app.

Outlive Chat

Outlive Chat is the first text-based peer support initiative for young people in India. We wanted to build it to feel modern, reliable, trust-worthy, and respectful of the users information.

Each part of the prototype was crafted for simplicity and privacy first, while always feeling like real people are on the other side of this service. The richness of the palette reveals itself navigating from screen to screen, as simple motifs and iconography guide each tap.